Our approach

Promoting resilient, productive workplaces, in which complaints are minimised, requires a shift of emphasis from detecting the presence of destructive behaviours, to identifying and addressing the absence of constructive communication and supportive systems.

Grievances are likely to be minimised in workplaces where constructive communication is actively promoted, in the form of specific skills and techniques, used within the requisite structure. To achieve and maintain the right skills, habits, social dynamics, systems and structures requires continuous adaptive change.


Inverting the pyramid

The classic approach is more problem-based; that is, putting emphasis on handling grievances as they arise. However, our approach is to invert this pyramid, helping you spend more time on creating a positive workplace and developing skills in constructive conversations so that you spend less time having to deal with incidents.






“We engaged Primed to produce five videos for an online e-Learning resource Talking Performance aimed at assisting public sector managers optimise staff performance through effective communication. The videos produced by Primed were fantastic. They were of the highest quality and the acting was outstanding. They have been the most popular resource in the e-Learning tool!”

Kate Langridge, Principal Adviser State Services Authority Victoria